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Selling investment properties In Los Angeles

Selling investment properties In Los Angeles

Should I sell my home? Selling real estate, especially your home, is a major decision, and the goal is obviously to maximize the amount of money you will get it. There is far more to the home sale process than simply listing the house on the MLS, and sitting back and waiting.

Having bought and sold multiple properties both for ourselves and clients, we have learned a few things, and we pass them onto our clients. The Bigtown Advantage® is as follows:

Advantage #1: We have Lawyer level negotiating skills and understanding of contracts.

BTRE was founded by Richard Evanns, a lover of real estate who also happens to be an investor, lawyer, and many-year litigator. With Richard at the helm of your deal, you will have the security of knowing that your agent:

               *Knows laws of real estate, and laws of contracts;

*Knows how to have a soft touch when called for, and the opposite when called for. Knows how to respond to laggers, hard-ballers, sweet-talkers, misdirectors, hiders-of-the-ball, and everything in between;

*Knows how, regardless of high pressure/high stakes, how to doggedly pursue client’s goals to deals done in the best interest of the client- no matter what.

Any deal that requires Richard’s attention will get it, and the client will be zealously advocated for. And the client will be, and most importantly, will feel, taken care of.

Professional Staging, decorating, and photography**: Having procured and managed short term rentals / AirBnb’s as well as other furnished rentals, we at BTRE are very well aware of all of what décor and styles are most desirable in today’s market. In order to keep mid term and short term rental strategy working well, we have a dedicated team in charge of staging and décor. There are a few tips:

*Don’t ignore the outdoors: Many times, when selling a house the sellers get the interior décor right, but completely ignore the outdoor areas. People come to So Cal for the weather, and people spend much of their time outside. Outside is also easy to decorate and requires less effort than inside. If you have a sitting area under the orange tree- don’t let someone look and think “Gee it sure would be nice to sit under that orange tree if I bought this house” – let them experience sitting under the orange tree. The longer someone sits under your orange tree, the more they settle into the idea that it is their orange tree.

Advantage #2: Marketing beyond the Local MLS:

Many real estate agents simply put properties on the MLS and that is their marketing strategy. This means that the only people seeing them are people specifically looking for homes right in their area, right at the time of the listing. Here at BTRE, we are well connected to nationwide networks of real estate investors and buyers through groups, forums and other private message boards, and thus, we can cast a far wider net with our listings than the usual local agents, and can attract potential buyers from outside the usual buyer pool.

Advantage #3: Fixing, freshening up properties prior to sale**:

We have learned that there are a few things that can be done for a relatively low cost, which results in a higher sales price in the end. Some of these things include:

-Painting/touch up;

-Landscaping/planting  (we have many hacks for this);

-Installation of nice new fixtures such as lighting fixtures, cabinet pulls, shower fixtures;

-Freshening up kitchens or bathrooms (This can often be done for surprisingly low cost)

Here at Bigtown, we have all the resources, including handymen, contractors, and other tradesmen, to assist in doing what we believe would maximize the value of the sale of your house. And many times, we do not charge you anything out of pocket to do this!**

All of this comes at no extra cost**-and  we get paid the same as other agents. It is truly a no brainer!

**: Not all properties or sellers will qualify for staging or decorating services; Not all properties or sellers will qualify for fixing up, or any other work on home prior to selling. Any staging, decorating or repair activities shall occur at the sole discretion of Bigtown Real Estate, and Bigtown shall not be obligated to perform any such services, unless such services are explicitly agreed to in writing between Bigtown and Seller. Any services which improve the property are not necessarily free, and payment may be required either before or after transaction. Other conditions, including credit and/or eligibility requirements may apply.

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