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Buying real estate in Los Angeles

Buying real estate in Los Angeles

Should I buy a home? And if I should, should I do it NOW? Are we SURE that NOW the right time to buy? Buying a house is a big  investment. It is the biggest and the scariest one that most people will ever make.

Here is a link to an article explaining WHY ITS BASICALLY ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA TO BUY REAL ESTATE.

(Spoiler alert:, A house worth $500,000 20 years ago in SoCal, is probably worth about $2,000,000.00. Ask any Southern California homeowner, “What is the best investment you ever made?” 90% of them will likely say “My house.” And if you ask “What about the scariest” they will also say “My house.” It’s not easy, but things worth doing never are. But when you buy with Bigtown, you will have the Bigtown Advantage®:

Advantage #1: We have Lawyer level negotiating skills and understanding of contracts.

BTRE was founded by Richard Evanns, a lover of real estate who also happens to be an investor, lawyer, and many-year litigator. With Richard at the helm of your deal, you will have the security of knowing that your agent:

               *Knows laws of real estate, and laws of contracts;

*Knows how to have a soft touch when called for, and the opposite when called for. Knows how to respond to laggers, hard-ballers, sweet-talkers, misdirectors, hiders-of-the-ball, and everything in between;

*Knows how, regardless of high pressure/high stakes, how to doggedly pursue client’s goals to deals done in the best interest of the client- no matter what.

Any deal that requires Richard’s attention will get it, and the client will be zealously advocated for. And the client will be, and most importantly, will feel, taken care of.

Advantage #2: We Know how to spot deals, and convert them.

 There are deals hiding in plain sight on the MLS/Zillow/Redfin. We have found these for ourselves for years, and continue to do so for clients. There are certain things to look for in listings, and all BTRE agents are trained to scour and look for these things, in order to find our clients that special deal – and you should look for them too. Some of those things are:

*Poorly listed properties, with bad descriptions, bad pictures, other listing defects. Hard to believe, but sometimes people do zero cleanup on a house, and take pictures with an iPhone 3 and throw them up on the MLS. These listings are totally overlooked by many, and sometimes, they can be true gems- you just need to know what to look for, and do the footwork of following up on them.

*Properties listed incorrectly (E.g. a House that is listed as an apartment, vice versa). These listings can be golden; if a listing is categorized wrong- literally nobody who should be seeing it, will see it- and you might have almost no competition! We always make sure to look for these.

*”Pariah Properties” which have been sitting around/maybe fallen out of escrow once or more than once. Maybe they cannot be shown due to a noncooperative tenant. These “pariah” properties are overlooked by everyone. Yes, maybe there is a good reason. But they should be looked into; one my personal favorite properties ever (and a well performing asset) was a “pariah property.”]

*Other keywords in searches, which indicate the presence of extra space, extra units, and other potential value add items in a property, which are not immediately apparent. These are keywords which allow our clients to engage in the house-hacking real estate strategy – which is one of the strongest tool that first time homebuyers have at their disposal.

*Bad Agents. They are out there folks, and they are great (for us). If I call an agent and can’t get a callback for the life of me, voicemail full, no text returned-I get happy. Why? Because that agent is not calling anyone back probably, and is losing out on leads. Rather than giving up, we double, triple, quadruple our efforts. Once they finally decide to call back, there’s often way less competition than there should have been.

Advantage #3: Buyer Education from Level knowledgeable and experience Real Estate Agents.

BTRE was founded on the idea that, we were going to be the agents that we ourselves never had, but wish we did. Agents who have a commitment to personal service, to serving the clients needs, above our own, and never trying to push a deal on anyone that we don’t believe in ourselves.

 We were our own clients long before we had clients- we have done all of this for ourselves. We have procured, operated, and managed in various ways, and sold, primary residences, short, mid, and long term rentals in the Southern CA area. We have personally house-hacked in various ways. We have used hard money financing, debt service financing, and various other methods of property procurement.  We want, more than anything, to bring our years of experience in real estate into play, to educate and advocate for our clients. Our goal is to be a real estate resource that you want to use forever, as we walk the road to building wealth, together (We are actively investing, always). Are you in?

Advantage #4: Buying Off market Deals.

Everyone talks about off market deals. Almost no agents actually have them. Most agents have ‘pocket listings” which are not in any way the same. Read more about offmarket deals and wholesale real estate in Los Angeles.

We have relationships with wholesalers, who bring us actual deals from sellers who are not on the MLS, who are selling their houses under market value. This sounds attractive, and it is, but it is not for everyone. The properties are usually in a state of distress/disrepair, usually your regular bank won’t lend you money to buy them, and usually you can only do minimal inspections on them. You loan will likely be a sky-high interest rate hard money loan.  But, there are deals to be had off-market and value to obtain.

Ultimately, we love and believe in Southern California Real Estate, and we do this because we like it.

For more information on options for Homebuyers in Los Angeles contact Big Town Real Estate today.

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